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Check the facts…

Me: “do you ever read my blogs?” My sister: “No. I should, but I don’t have time.” My wife: “They’re funny.” She glances at me. “And serious.” Me: “And seriously funny”. Smirks and snickers ensue. So, today I decided I

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A 4/20 Pot Post.

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I could write headlines for the New York Times! Ok. So on that pot thing. “It’s 4:20 somewhere”. Yeah, some dopes thought that was really funny. In 1992. Way to go on perpetuating stupidity. So, since it’s April 20,

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Why we all (uh, most of us) hate hotel art.

Hotel art doesn’t suck. Not in a purely technical sense. I hate it because it doesn’t say…. anything! Hotel art, office art, the crap you see at the doctor’s office – it’s all typically from the same smarmy mold, and

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Starbucks vs. No-Doze

I have travelled a lot. Maybe I should say I have driven a lot. Over 250,000 miles actually. Basically I am personally responsible for burning roughly 16,000 gallons of fuel. Suck on my carbon footprint. So, I was very amused

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Everyone kept saying I was dirty. (Or, people forget who you are.)

So, for my day job I book, maintain and curate a vintage theater. This means lots of meetings, with business people, civic leaders, event organizers, potential clients, etc. It also means crawling around in the basement(s), crawlspaces, attic(s), loading/unloading stage

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