A 4/20 Pot Post.

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I could write headlines for the New York Times!

Ok. So on that pot thing. “It’s 4:20 somewhere”. Yeah, some dopes thought that was really funny. In 1992. Way to go on perpetuating stupidity.

So, since it’s April 20, everybody and their brother’s dog seems to feel compelled to tweet/status about it. Whatever.

I don’t feel the need to partake in recreational drugs. They’re expensive, and food, coffee, social media are a bad enough vices. I don’t need any more.

I have no real problem with pot by the way. Caffeine is the real gateway drug. Categorically I assume pot to be about the same as nicotine. There is a federal law about it in the US. Other than that… I don’t believe using it is any more or less moral than eating cheeseburgers and milkshakes, which I enjoy frequently.

So whatever. I just think making a big deal out of the 4/20 thing is silly. I also think my religious friends are silly when they say things in return, like  – “there’s no high like the most high”.

This makes me imagine a god like the one in “Search for the Holy Grail”, except all giggly, and saying things like “I Am, man!”. Besides, isn’t that essentially equating your faith with doing drugs? What is that saying about your faith? That it’s thoughtless, “far out, man”, and “totally chillin’ dude”? Nice.

Why is everybody staring at me?

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