Check the facts…

Me: “do you ever read my blogs?”

My sister: “No. I should, but I don’t have time.”

My wife: “They’re funny.” She glances at me. “And serious.”

Me: “And seriously funny”.

Smirks and snickers ensue.

So, today I decided I wanted some fudge pops. I decided this was a better idea than ice cream because it’s in a finite size. I love sweets, but sometimes I eat too much. You would never know it to look at me though…

So, because I am so skinny, I decided that I would augment the purpose of the fudge pops by making sure they were also limited in negative nutritional value. I started looking in the specialty section. Weight Watchers… HOLY COW!!! $10 for 10 fudge pops?! What the expletive?!

Oh, here is one called Skinny Cow. Still kinda pricey, but they’re a premium product, right? Ok, so how much are the good, old fashioned Fudgesicle brand, and how evil are they? Wow, half the price? Wait what does that say in the corner? 40 calories? That can’t be right, the Skinny Cow ones said 150 calories.

Huh. Even if you eat two of the Fudgesicle brand, it’s less calories, and less fat. Just generally less bad for you than the “diet” product. Screw you Skinny Cow!!!

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