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We’ve all got to start somewhere…

Being the music nerd that I am, I follow numerous magazines, blogs, and Facebook pages. The other day, one of the pages that I follow posted a video guitar lesson, something they do on a regular basis. The lesson: how

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This has never happened before…

Not to me… I’ve had stalkers. In my younger days, I even had breathless girls calling me and then hanging up. Ask my sisters, they hated it. I’ve had sympathy gifts – “here, take this microphone you broke, I know

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That seems to be the theme right now. Everything is changing. We’re selling our Mazda and Stella the Toyota to buy a mini-van. I’m selling a guitar I’ve owned since I was 19. I’m losing my job at The Goshen

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Writing songs for Lent – Pt. 2

Post by Anna. I knew this would be a tough discipline, and by that, I pictured myself sitting for hours with no words on a page and the painstaking difficulty of just putting anything down, even if it’s saying nothing

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