It’s your move.

We all have twenty-four hours today.

We all have a certain number of days on this earth.

In other words… we all have this life.

What are you doing with yours?


We all have choices to make.

Every day.

Honestly, I make lots of crappy decisions every day. Ask my belt-line.

One decision leads to another.




Sometimes I imagine that live is a vicious, ferocious, relentless tiger. Eventually the tiger will turn my body to dust, but I am not about to surrender easily. Not for one second. In that space between now and then – I have a choice. I can either run from the tiger, or I can face it with a strong hand and a steady eye. I can steal my life back from its steel-trap jaws and make it my own. And when it is truly my own, I suddenly realize (with breath-taking awe) that it really, truly is mine. I can do with it what I want.

I can be kind when harshness is merited.

I can show love when it is not deserved.

I can be the kind of person I crave to be.

I can live the kind of life that has integrity with my inner-most soul.

I can, and will be a person who uses my strength and will to lift others up.

I will bring a song, and turn mourning into dancing.

I will count my days on this earth as the most precious commodity, and I will spend them lively, with vigor and fierce intent.

The king, the queen, the bishop, the knight, the rook and the pawn, in my hands.


Godspeed. -Nate

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