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This summer has been like a great unfolding – unbending arms and legs, lengthening muscles and stretching out – just as it should be after a long winter.

We took an extended break from performance to welcome our daughter Violet into the world last winter.  She is an absolute joy – as many of you have experienced, a laid-back and chill little girl who enjoys checking everyone out before breaking into an absolute grin.

After that hiatus we picked up playing in March and have enjoyed working out the kinks of our new duo status – Shiny Shiny Black = Nate + Amber these days, and it’s been really good! (Anna launched into doing her own project and has been making noise this summer too!)

May, June, July and August found us revisiting old haunts in South Bend & Goshen, and making new connections in Iowa, Fort Wayne, & Indianapolis.

We are looking forward to continue making a holy ruckus and want to hear from you!  We do music to connect with PEOPLE and we don’t want to miss the mark, so would you mind filling out a simple 5 question survey that should only take a few minutes. Take the survey here.  And then back to our regular programming! 🙂

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