Giving Thanks – A New Live Album!

The holiday season brings a reminder of how powerful gratitude is in our lives. We ran across several articles this fall on how gratitude is one of2014 Nappanee Apple Festival the kick-butt power tools that helps us cultivate happiness and well-being. How cool.

In that spirit of gratitude – we took a look back at some of the live recordings that have made their way into our archives since this rocket ship Shiny Shiny Black started its orbit back in 2012 (2012!?! – can you believe it?).

We have gathered a few of the most excellent tracks and tied them up with a digital bow. We present: A Bright Light on the Horizon – Songs from the Stage, 2012-2015.

A Bright Light on the Horizon - Shiny Shiny Black Live AlbumThis is another behind-the-scenes Bandcamp release – at least for now. Along with the digital download we are creating a round of limited edition CDs.

Listen in and join us in a collective appreciative moment. You’ll notice we have quite the cast of characters in action. One of the things we’ve loved about this project is our ability to stay “small” but also get lots of people involved. We invite you to come with us and become a character in our story too. Looking back has been a great time to pause and reflect, to say, hey – this adventure of a musical career has been a GOOD thing, and hey – we are still ready to keep writing songs, sharing them, and see where the road takes us next.

So, here’s the thing:  we are running a 1-week share-it-and-name-your-own-price celebration & gratitude sale on this live record, and after that it will join the rest of our recordings in the regular ole’ discography.  We really want you to take this record home with you and want to make sure you can do that.

Our live record is best used to:

  • Meditate while working on your own gratitude mojo.
  • Celebrate – throw a party!
  • Sing along at the top of your lungs while driving (keep your eyes open).
  • Pick out your favorite live guest musicians and tell us who to bring back: (Thank you Bryan, Anna, Josh, Brendyn, Toby, Scottathan, Mykayla, & Justin!)
  • Share with friends.
  • Take up space on your hard drive (oh wait).

We hope this collection of performances sparks gratitude and joy in you – we are so thankful for you. You with all your hopes, dreams, disappointments and greatest achievements.  You are the reason we are still writing, still working and still coming up with ideas.

Join us in celebrating and order today!

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