Nate & Amber on “The Art of Asking”

theartofasking_image_grande_9958499e-bd00-4cb9-9cc6-816341440ade_1024x1024It’s an amazing thing when we find people who can help guide us; shine light on the road ahead by sharing their own stories and learnings.  One recent treasure we uncovered was Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help. To introduce you, Amanda is an independent artist who started her career as one-half of the quirky Boston based duo, The Dresden Dolls, which was an out and out DIY effort, gained a cult following, eventually signed with Roadrunner (Warner) and then left the label. Amanda launched a solo career around the same time and went on to achieve the highest grossing music Kickstarter campaign as of 2012.

She gave a widely popular TED talk on the same title “The Art of Asking,” which eventually led to her sharing on this topic more deeply by writing the book.  Amanda’s story leads you through the ups and downs of discovering who you are as a person, of offering what you have to give (music) (community) and getting comfortable enough to allow others to help in that process, in fact, allowing others to help is what even makes the process possible!

Nate & I recently shared on our takeaways from reading the book at a Dandelion Seed Company Thunder Talk.  These are monthly online calls where folks can gather to hear new ideas and discuss them together. The goal is to move us towards creative, relational and spiritual growth.  We are excited to share the recording of that evening with you here.  Listen in!


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4 comments on “Nate & Amber on “The Art of Asking”
  1. Diana Liptak says:

    Love this!!! And you my dear friends. 🙂 This is so beautifully timely for me in the my journey. Grateful … so grateful. “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I was asking the Universe for just such an inspiration today!!

  2. jetta says:

    Hey Shiny friends 🙂 You are talking about a subject near dear to my heart. I’ve read and continue to follow these authors you discuss here. Good stuff – life changing. So happy to know we have yet another thing in common. LOVE IT! Keep on being your wonderful, exploring selves. Onward & upward with lots of love and respect to you both on your personal & musical journies.

    And thanks for the remnder to “take the donuts” – good stuff!

    • Shiny Shiny Black says:

      Hi Jetta! So good to hear this is meaningful for you too! Can’t wait to see the next development on your musical journey. 🙂 We are all here to bring and share what it is we have to give. Thank you!

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