Recording Music at the “Wild Edges”

We’ve been working on the next iteration of songs from the SSB music machine – and will be revealing several surprises soon!  

Nate & I have been recording at the wild edges — wild edges of our time, our hearts, our energy. Being a band + freelancing + being married + being parents of two is an incredible and chaotic reality. Incredibly beautiful, heartrendingly chaotic. We get to choose being artists, being parents and being lovers over and over again as we work out the negotiation of priorities in everyday life. We suspect this is not so different from the choices you make every day as well.

Kids w Keyboard 2

So we record at the wild edges, the secret late night quiet moments (and not so quiet moments). We carve out a day or two on our own to make sure the really good stuff gets laid down on these tracks. 🙂

We asked Mr. Mike Kyle to show up and add his piece to a few of the songs, so now Gone, Fallin’ Off the Wagon and Home are graced with amazingly righteous and rolling piano and organ tracks.

On this record we are enjoying simply doing what makes sense, what fits the groove, what adds the right amount of grit, etc. It requires a lot of patience with the process, but we are simply trusting in doing the best we can with where we are now, and look forward to doing more as we grow. Recording is simultaneously terrifying and freeing – we are doing it, we are doing it, we are doing it!! 

Amber & Nate 1

Keep your ears open, these new songs will be ready soon! We’ve been in the studio yesterday and today, so we hope you are enjoying a few of the behind the scenes moments trickling through your newsfeed

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