In Search of… House Concert Hosts!

The Search for 2017 Summer House Concert Tour Hosts is On!

This year we are making house concerts a big part of how we relate to our community of listeners (you)! House concerts are an archetype of what is right about music: all ages, community-driven, foster intimate connections and make a live music experience available to everyone.

So today we are announcing – our search for hosts for our 2017 Summer House Concert tour is now open!

We are looking for hosts of donations-based house concerts. If you are interested to learn more of what goes into being a host, or already know you’d like to host us – please email us today at – and either Amber or our house concert coordinator Jacqueline Garver will send you more information and the application.

We’d like to let you know a date for your house concert as soon as possible and to that end, our search for this round of hosts will end in three weeks on April 25, so please email us as soon as you can!

We are trying to make this available to anyone who would like to host by making it a donation-based concert, but we can work out other arrangements as well. Don’t be shy based on where you are located or if you have any questions. We are taking applications from everyone, and we’d love to accommodate as many people as possible.  Thanks for your consideration and help – we’d love to see how far we can make this go and work with as many friends and listeners as we can!

We are excited to bring this aspect of our music making front and center to share with you and your friends at your home or community space.


Nate & Amber

PS. New video alert!  Produced by UpState South Bend.

“When You Get That Look” – Wild Edges

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