What do we bring to your college campus?

We are pleased to offer a delightful mix of performance and inspiration to meet your campus’s entertainment and enrichment needs. Our lifetime passion of following our creative callings has yielded a unique mix of skill, insight and empathy for students pursuing the discovery of who they are, and remaining true to that vision.  Testimonials

The music.

Shiny Shiny Black is a hip, entertaining, and original indie folk rock band. Reverb-soaked vintage guitar tones and dog-eared harmonies create a sound that is simultaneously fresh, and classic. Book us for your next concert event!


Video for the new single “Lights On” from our full-length release coming Fall 2013.

The message.

Creativity is not only for artists – it is a fundamental function of the Spirit of God in people. Creativity is the act of bringing something new into existence, producing good fruit. God didn’t create a single person by accident; there is a revelation of His beauty, glory, and dignity inherent in His design for each of our lives. What would our lives be like if we could unlock and live in that potential? From the age-old sages, “In him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) We believe that people in tune with the Spirit of God will be creative thought-leaders who bring transformation, restoration and healing to any field they are working in.

This topic is available for presentation at chapel services or guest lectures.

The skills.

The folks in Shiny Shiny Black collectively participated in thousands of concerts, as well as amassing extensive professional experience in a myriad of creative fields.  Help your students gain new insights into what it’s really like work in the creative industries, and how to approach that work with an eye on the values of the Kingdom of God. We offer workshops and classroom guest lectures in:

    • Songwriting,
    • Recording,
    • Preparing instruments for recording and performance,
    • Producing the Live Show

The people.

Nate Butler – Songwriter, singer, guitarist, recording and live sound engineer, Instagram-aholic, artistic director, producer, drummer, visionary, business owner.

Anna Pasquarello – Songwriter, singer, guitarist, flutist, live sound and production.

Bryan Chris – Professional photographer, graphic designer, bassist, singer, business owner.

Amber Butler – Singer, songwriter, guitarist, executive assistant, copywriter, editor, operations officer, business owner.


“We enjoyed having the Some Dreams tour [including Shiny Shiny Black] here at Bluffton University. The music was creative and passionate, and our students were really engaged with both the songs and the stories during the show. Jonathan and Nate were a pleasure to work with and we hope to have them back sometime in the future!”

-Stephen “Tig” Intagliata, Campus Pastor, Bluffton University

“Shiny Shiny Black brings a fresh perspective on the place that creativity has in the lives of spiritual people. Their message and music will inspire, challenge and delight all who encounter it. Artists tap into things unspoken, yet on the heart of God. Music helps lead us into worship; metaphors can help to bridge divides in ways that we don’t completely understand. Shiny Shiny Black is on that path – connecting us more deeply to each other, ourselves and the Spirit of God.”  

– US Cong. Mark Siljander (ret.), Author – A Deadly Misunderstanding 

“I love what Shiny Shiny Black brings to the vibrant arts and music scene growing in downtown Goshen. Nate is passionate about what he does, and always ready to serve; whether performing, offering technical expertise, or spearheading an event – Nate has devoted himself to our community. He is one of those artists we never have problems asking to come back and play again.”

-Myron Bontrager, Owner, The Electric Brew and Board Member, Downtown Goshen, Inc.

“For anyone that enjoys listening to excellent lightly amplified original roots music presented by three fine musicians, you owe it to yourself to check out Shiny Shiny Black…They are great!”

– fan testimonial

“These guys ‘get it’. They understand the power of creativity inside every person and really seek to not only live it but call it out in others. Their music is appealing, meaningful, and well crafted but just as importantly their hearts are gold. You’ll love these guys!”

-Keith Spurgin, Lead Pastor, New Hope Christian Church, Wylie, Tex.


“Nate Butler is an incredibly talented and creative artist and entertainer – you’ll love what he and Shiny Shiny Black bring to your stage!” Book him while you can….”

-David Cummings, Associate Pastor, Connection Worship and Young Adults, Nappanee Missionary Church, Nappanee, Ind.

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