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“I was impressed with Nate personally: he seemed kind and smart and funny. Now I’m impressed with his new Shiny Shiny Black music. The songs, in this case, fit the man.” – Will Kimbrough, Singer-Songwriter, Award-winning Multi-instrumentalist

“With bigger ideas come bigger sounds and SSB has gone big. An enveloping cinematic production wrapped around six road-trip ready songs. If only it was a full length… what the hell, play it twice.” – MP Cavalier, DoItIndy Radio Hour

“Every tune serves the moment that they were written for and this EP is a subtly crafted masterpiece in respects to that. Revealing its charms upon repeated listens. The arrangements are smart and at times captivating. The guitar sound is pure ear candy to me, reminiscent of REM, Petty, and Smiths.” – Ben Cannon, Spark Joy Music

“Shiny Shiny Black’s Wild Edges EP shines a light on the worry, fear, angst, & joy that is present in all of us. They do this with skilled pop/rock tunes that help us articulate the emotions within ourselves. They bring home the fact that “All we have is love.”  Wild Edges is a work of non-fiction. You should experience it.” – Scott Curtis, Michiana People Podcast

“On my way home, that sound is unmistakable.” – Benjamin Gooding, fan

“This material is just brimming with Americana, surf swells, and healing lyrics. Just wait…” -Tim Bushong, T. Bush Recording

“Listen to the story -­ the songs are part of their story.” -­ Jason Samuel, General Manager WGCS The Globe 91.1 FM

“As soon as you hear ‘Lights On’ you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.” – MP Cavalier, Co-host DoitIndy Radio Hour

“This is a killer record!” -­ Steve Martin, Venue Owner, Ignition Music Garage

“For anyone that enjoys listening to excellent lightly amplified original roots music presented by three fine musicians, you owe it to yourself to check out Shiny Shiny Black…They are great!” – Fan testimonial


11/3/16 South Bend Tribune – ” Shiny Shiny Black finds power in husband-wife duo lineup”

9/14/16 Michiana People Podcast – “Album Review: Shiny Shiny Black – “Wild Edges””

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9/14/14 The Goshen News – “Shiny Shiny Black front man talks album, live performances”

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6/30/14 The Equal Ground – “Shiny Shiny Black, Travelers”

4/24/14 Whatzup Magazine – “Spins: Shiny Shiny Black, Travelers”

4/18/14 The Goshen News – “Shiny Shiny Black to release debut album”

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4/15/14 The Elkhart Truth – “Record Store Day 2014: Goshen band Shiny Shiny Black to debut album”

4/14/14 T. Bush Recording – “Drive the Nail Home”

4/13/14 Stacey Page Online – “Album Review: Shiny Shiny Black”

03/10/14 DoitIndy Radio Hour features ‘Oh Darlin”

03/05/14 ‘Look Me in the Eyes’ featured on Mr. Ed’s 2 Song Spotlight Ep. 452

12/17/13 Goshen NYE Show Features Local Faves

08/22/13 Nashville artists to perform with local musicians this weekend 

08/22/13 Americana Daily Featured ‘Lights On’ Music Video



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